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Cross Tabulation Analysis (Banner Tables)
  A cross tabulation (often abbreviated as cross tab) displays the joint distribution of two or more variables. They are usually presented as a contingency table in a matrix format. Whereas a frequency distribution provides the distribution of one variable, a contingency table describes the distribution of two or more variables simultaneously. Each cell shows the number of respondents that gave a specific combination of responses, that is, each cell contains a single cross tabulation.

Crosstabs answer questions like: -

What % of males made purchase?
Are males more satisfied with our products than females? etc..

It basically involves the interaction between two questions and a distribution of how users responded to both of them - taken together.

The following is a sample Cross Tab report

CrossTab Report

Cross tabs are frequently used because:
  • They are easy to understand.
  • They appeal to people that do not want to use more sophisticated measures.
  • A table can provide greater insight than single statistics
  • It solves the problem of empty or sparse cells
  • they are simple to conduct
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