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Sample Survey
- Customer Satisfaction
- Service Evaluation
- Employee Satisfaction
- Student Satisfaction
- Training and Development
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All that you need to create fast online surveys and get quick feedbacks - join now to unleash these powerful features.

More than a dozen question type to choose from.
- Multi Choice
- Single Choice
- Rating
- Ranking
- Matrix
- Open Ended
- Date
More than 75 sample surveys to choose from.
-Customer Satisfaction,
-Employee Engagement,
-Product Evaluation,
-Training Feedback,
-Service level satisfaction,
-Training Need Analysis
Upload your own logo, change the color, size and style of your survey Header and Footer text. Complete branding of your survey. Upload your own company's logo and other pictures.
Control survey flow with custom skip logic Require answer to any question
Randomize Answers Unlimited Questions
Randomize answers choices to eliminate bias Each survey can contain an unlimited number of questions. (Corporate License)
Page Breaks Unlimited Surveys
Add page breaks after each section of the survey. Each user can create an unlimited number of surveys. (Corporate License)
Customized Thank You Page Unlimited Responses
Increase response rates to your surveys with customized Thank you Page (Thank you pages can be very useful for Viral Marketing - allows respondents to invite other users to take the surveys.) Each survey can contain an unlimited number of responses. (Corporate License)
Email Your Survey Mass Emails
Send a unique link to each of your survey via email. Upload your email distribution list and send personalized emails to each of your respondents from AnalyseSurvey.
 24 x 7 Live Real Time Responses Notification
AnalyseSurvey is live 24 X 7 - survey responses are collected around the clock and results are viewable in real time. Automatically have survey responses emailed to you in real-time that need your attention
Track Responses Respondent Anonymity Assurance
Track who has completed the survey and who has viewed the survey. AnalyseSurvey guarantees to survey researchers to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the respondents.
Send Reminder Emails Restrict survey response
Send targeted reminder emails to those who have not completed the survey to boost your response Allow or restrict multiple responses for a survey to avoid data dumping
Website Link Online Address Book
Post the survey on your website. Print your survey to review and collect data offline Online Address Book for address import, mail out and tracking of respondents.
Real-time Reports View individual responses
View results graphically in real-time, as responses are given. Dig down to get individual responses
2D / 3D Charts  Export
Column, bar, line and more than 20 types of charts are created automatically in real-time while responses are collected. Export your results and charts in multiple formats (MS Excel, Word, Pdf)
Summary Results Crosstab
All of your survey results displayed on one page. Cross-tabulate results for key comparisons - crosstab is the cross referencing or comparison of two questions to determine how they are interrelated.
Powerful filtering allows you to display only the responses you're interested in.
Dedicated customer support Online help
Access dedicated customer support team Get contextual help online with FAQ's
Survey Application
- Sales and Marketing
- Customer Service
- Human Resources
- Corporate Training
- Other Research
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